Inspection & Surveillance

QA/QC Inspection / Monitoring

As qualified and experienced welding engineers, The WeldNet team are well suited to carrying out QA/QC inspection and monitoring activities. Our team can provide third party monitoring and/or act as a client representative to ensure that all applicable quality control document requirements are being met during fabrication, including the requirements of the applicable welding code, design standard, and client/project specifications. Our qualifications and experience enable effective onsite troubleshooting to keep projects on schedule while maintaining quality standards.

AS 1796 Cert. 10 and CSWIP Inspectors / Supervisors

In addition to welding engineer qualifications, The WeldNet team maintain active welding inspector and welding supervisor qualifications to AS 1796 Certificate 10 and / or CSWIP (3.1 / 3.2). These qualifications are the standard requirement for welding inspection and supervision personnel in Australia and are widely accepted overseas.

Radiographic Interpretation to CSWIP

Our team have the capabilities and CSWIP qualifications necessary to provide radiographic interpretation. This capability adds to our effectiveness while providing QA/QC support and can assist with discussion of disputed welds.

Third Party Auditing

The WeldNet team can carry out third party auditing for fabricator workshops and on-site welding activities. Such auditing can cover from material handling to quality control procedure effectiveness to welding personnel roles and responsibilities. Auditing will be based on applicable welding codes, design standards, client/project specifications, ISO 9001, ISO 3834, additional client requirements, and our experience / recommendations. Audit results and recommendations will be documented as a report for discussion and our team is happy to work with the fabricator to implement the required changes if deemed necessary.

Portable Arc Monitoring

The WeldNet own state-of-the-art ALX II-IRS portable arc monitors. Portable arc monitors provide data logging of welding parameters to provide an additional level of quality assurance / quality control. Typical applications include accurate monitoring for welding procedure qualifications and/or for use on site for critical welds, such as in-service welds, golden welds, or welding of exotic materials.

Portable Hardness Testing

The WeldNet own portable hardness testing equipment which can be used to quickly and simply assess hardness values on site. Typical applications can include in-service welds, golden welds, welding of exotic materials, welds requiring compliance with NACE, critical repair works and failure investigation assessments. Note that there is a correlation between hardness values and tensile strength, so portable hardness measurements can give a quick indication of any potential strength loss - i.e. after welding and/or heat treatment.